Decisions – the Most Important Thing in the Universe

The mission

My mission is to add value to your organizations in the context of decision making.

I was brought onto the team to focus primarily on inbound marketing. Basically, that’s going out into the digital world that is the internet, adding value where possible, helping organizations solve their problems, and in turn helping grow into the world dominating collective decision-making platform it is destined to be. Much of my work requires reading about decision making, sharing other people’s decision-making related content, participating in online discussions about decision making, and of course writing this blog that is heavily focused on decision making and similar topics.

The honest truth

I did not come aboard because decision making was something that oozed out of my pores, resulting in a desire to read and write about it all day, every day.

I joined because of the awesome team I’d be working with, because I believe in the decision making platform that’s been built, because is still small enough that I can play an important role in its big success, and because I can wear shorts to work. I took this role because this is what the team needs right now. I would work reception if that was the dire need, though this wouldn’t be the best fit. While I am an optimistic person, I am not the bubbly personality that can make your day with a simple “hello” first thing in the morning.

The much needed epiphany

I needed to find a way to get to the core of what it is to decide, figure out why it just might be the most important thing in the universe, and why I should be interested in it forever. I had some serious mental gymnastics ahead of me.

Our very existence and nearly everything about it is shaped by decisions we make and don’t make.

All it took was one long walk under the stars – the same kind of walk I’d usually take to gain perspective. It was during this walk that I realized that I don’t need to trick or convince myself into believing that decisions are the most interesting thing in the universe – they are. Good decisions, bad decisions, and decisions whose consequences haven’t been realized yet all determine what we experience during our time here on planet Earth. If wisdom isn’t born by making decisions and observing others making decisions, noticing the consequences of said decisions, and then making better decisions moving forward, then I don’t know what wisdom is. Who doesn’t aspire to be wise? The beautiful things and the ugly things humanity is responsible for are all rooted in good and bad decisions. The world is shaped by decision makers.

The quality of a decision is determined by the quality of the decision-making process.

Decisions are the outcome of a decision-making process. Greatly simplified, this process finds a number of options, weighs the pros and cons of each alternative, and then chooses or fails to choose the best option available. The process is at least as complex as the decision being made. A great decision is the outcome of a sound decision-making process. Luckily, the process is something that can be studied and refined. So, by gaining an understanding of this process and then sharing what I learn with you, I can help you create a better decision-making process that should lead to better decisions. Can you feel my excitement yet!?

Groups of people making decisions together change the world. We help those groups create and manage the decision-making process behind those decisions.

While it is important to help individuals make better decisions in their everyday lives, and I hope some of what I write here gets applied to your personal lives, my real goal is to help your organizations make better decisions. While it’s nice to think that individuals like me change the world, I think it’s more accurate to say that large groups of people making decisions together shape the world and individuals acting alone help to smooth the edges.

The world is shaped by grant committees that provide grants to the best candidates possible, universities and colleges admitting the best students and awarding scholarships to the best candidates, competition committees that choose the most deserving winner,  and businesses creating great products and services. Startup incubators and accelerators are beginning to change the world in a huge way by selecting the most promising early stage startups and helping them grow and succeed. The way in which these groups shape our world is governed by their decisions. The quality of their decisions is governed by the quality of their decision-making process, and decision-making process is what we do best here at

My commitment

And so, I am not just here to fulfill the job description that accompanies the title, “Inbound Marketer”. I am here to help you change your world through better decisions rooted in an awesome decision-making process! We’re going to get you there through top notch content that will only get better, and with the world class decision-making platform that is

If nothing else, I hope I’ve expressed my passion for the subject and my goal of tackling decision-making from a number of angles. I hope I’ve helped everyone who has read this to think hard about their decision-making process and realize how absolutely critical it is to your organization’s legacy.

We want to hear from you

I’ve told you a bit about myself and why I’m here, and I’d love to hear a little about you and what brings you here. I don’t want this to be a one way dialogue but rather a meeting place for people working to become better decision makers. What gets you fired up like decision making gets us fired up? Introduce yourself below in the comments or even shoot me an email at just to say “hi”.

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