The Ultimate Decision-Making Mobile Application

Today’s post is a little different from the others…

We’re officially announcing the mobile application that will work on your smartphone and tablet!

It allows the reviewer to carry out all of their main responsibilities such as reviewing online applications, giving overall ratings and/or individual ratings for each piece of decision criteria, and to read and write internal and external comments.

Pretty awesome, eh?

You know what else is awesome? You have access to this right now! So log in, and I’ll take you through the application!

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ABCs of Decision-Making Biases – Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at some of the biases that introduce themselves when generating potential solutions to be decided on later. There are also a number of decision-making biases that rear their ugly heads when it’s time to evaluate the proposed options and decide. This post will focus on just four of these biases.

So, let’s assume we’ve addressed all of the scary biases in the first stage of the decision making process, we’ve got our potential solutions in front of us bias free (congratulations!), and now it’s time to make the decision.

Not so fast! Let’s work on getting an understanding of some of the decision-making biases that introduce themselves during the all important decision-making stage. For now, let’s dive into four big ones, and we’ll tackle some of the others in future posts.

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ABCs of Decision-Making Biases – Part 1

Here’s a scary thought: when we are sitting down to make the best decision based on the possibilities presented to us, we are often choosing from possibilities that have already been subjected to biases. We may even introduce a different set of biases when it’s time to actually make a final decision. This tendency isn’t due to a lack of intelligence or skill, but rather to the fact that we’re human. The idiom, “to err is human”, is an idiom for a reason!

Whether we are foundation or grant-maker reviewing online submissions and applications, a startup incubator or accelerator reviewing online applications and interview notes to decide on our next cohort of entrepreneurs, or a business building a strategy in a boardroom, these biases promise to get in our way!

For now, we will focus on just four of many common biases that may be present while generating and collecting possibilities to be decided on later. We’ll discuss the biases that present themselves during the decision making stage in Part 2 of this series.

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Decisions – Why Your Team Needs Help to Make Them

A rapidly changing decision making landscape

It is no secret that our world is rapidly becoming more complex, fast-paced, and globally connected. As a result of this change, teams are faced with the challenge of making mission critical decisions that involve a wealth of data, the evaluation of a number of viable alternatives, and the consideration of potential risks that may arise in the distant future.  Add the fact that these types of decisions often require a group of people with diverse skill sets to work together, fostering what is known as “collective intelligence”, and the decision-making process becomes increasingly difficult.

This would all be fine if we weren’t so ill-equipped to deal with our modern world and the challenges it presents to our organizations in the context of complex decision making!

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Decisions – the Most Important Thing in the Universe

The mission

My mission is to add value to your organizations in the context of decision making.

I was brought onto the team to focus primarily on inbound marketing. Basically, that’s going out into the digital world that is the internet, adding value where possible, helping organizations solve their problems, and in turn helping grow into the world dominating collective decision-making platform it is destined to be. Much of my work requires reading about decision making, sharing other people’s decision-making related content, participating in online discussions about decision making, and of course writing this blog that is heavily focused on decision making and similar topics.

The honest truth

I did not come aboard because decision making was something that oozed out of my pores, resulting in a desire to read and write about it all day, every day.

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Hello world!

As you may have noticed, we’ve launched! Thank you to everyone who signed up to get early access to our beta.  We are rolling out your accounts as we speak!


Whether you’re a business, foundation, non-profit, or government program, we’re the platform for you! We know that many of you collect content such as grant applications, business plans, resumes, or audition videos.  We also know it can be a struggle to manage, review, and make decisions about these types of submissions. helps you manage the flow of your online submissions and makes collective decision-making faster, easier, and better.  We use a simple review and rank system for evaluation, comment boxes for providing feedback, and a decision funnel to give you a high-level view of your decision-making process.

Our API makes it possible for you to use third party forms like Wufoo and Google Forms, and push your data to familiar tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact and Salesforce.  We also make it possible for you to provide personalized feedback reports that help you improve relationships with your stakeholders.


We also help you:

  • Save Time and Energy
    • Proven to reduce time and administrative resources
  • Increase Transparency
    • Make audit trails and generate reports on the factors leading to decisions
  • Create Custom Workflows
    •  Create a decision funnel that reflects your decision-making process
  • Import and Export Data
    •  Easily import and export data through .CSV Files (MS Excel Compatible)


We’re committed to being the best submission management platform and we have some amazing features in the pipeline. This is just the tip of the iceberg – stay tuned for more feature updates, tutorials and other cool posts on the blog!

The Team