Duncan McDowell Joins Decision.io Full Time!

An image of Duncan McDowell, co-founder of Decision.io

Image is from the original article written by Trish Crompton at the Communitech Hub.

At Decision.io, we do things differently than most startups.

We didn’t go for funding right off the bat. The team worked full-time at incubators and accelerators and came aboard full time as needed. We bootstrapped. It’s not the way you’re necessarily advised to do things in a startup world where a sizable round of VC funding is the holy grail.

Fortunately, we don’t really care. The way we’re doing things has led to the best in class team decision-making platform, and customer service that would blow you away. Oh yeah, people have been more than happy to pay for Decision.io since the beginning of our beta. Unconventional is just fine when it’s working.

The last to make the leap to joining full time is Duncan McDowell, manager of the startup services group at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener-Waterloo. Check out this great Q & A featuring Duncan McDowell, where he dishes out some priceless startup advice and speaks about his ambition to build Decision.io into a billion-dollar company.

So, what changes can you expect to see with Duncan joining us full time? Well, Duncan is responsible for our clean webpage design and making Decision.io the easiest to use team decision-making platform on the planet. He accomplished all of this part-time, after long hours of mentoring other startups. Expect the webpage design to get even better. Decision.io itself will become even easier to use, and dare I say, even prettier.

These are exciting times at Decision.io.

Within a few short weeks we have graduated from the VeloCity Garage incubator, got office space of our own at the Vidyard house, received acceptance into one of the best accelerators in the world (more on this soon), and now have everyone working full time at Decision.io! We have reason to believe that momentum will continue to carry us to great places in the near future.

A special thanks to all of our customers that regularly provide honest and helpful feedback. The reason Decision.io works so well is because so much of it has been built by implementing your suggestions. Without all of you trusting Decision.io to streamline your team decision-making process, we aren’t writing about exciting developments such as these!

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