New Features: List View, Bulk Actions, and Dashboard Upgrade!

The following will be live shortly. We just wanted to give you a heads up so that you can hit the ground running when these improvements go live.

We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and working hard to continually improve our product. We’ve taken your feedback and turned them into some great new features! With this most recent release, we focus on making the process of handling larger volumes of online submissions more efficient for administrators and reviewers, as well as upgrade the Dashboard to include new and useful information to help you stay on top of your review process!

Let’s dig into the details with some pictures and helpful explanations of what’s changed and how it benefits you.

List View

In the past, you would have become accustomed to the ‘Tile View’ pictured below. This is a great view when you don’t have hundreds or thousands of applications to review, as it gives you a nice summary of each application and it’s easy on the eyes. If you love this view for your process, worry not, the tile view is still the default view.

An image of the traditional tile view

By clicking the tile view icon outlined in green, you’ll get a smooth transition into the condensed ‘List View’ pictured below. Also, notice the icons on either side of it. Starting from the left, we have an icon that allows you to sort by most/least reviewed submissions, alphabetically, time submitted, rank view (more to come on this), and we can enter the aggregate rating/ranking/comment view as administrators by clicking the star icon (more on this as well).

An image of the new list view that makes it more efficient to rate higher online submission volumes.

From this ‘List View’, you can still give a quick overall rating, or you can click on the title of the submission and enter the full submission view. In either case, the colour of the selected light represents the ‘Final Rating’ chosen by the reviewer. So, once you’ve gone through and provided your ratings, you should see something similar to the image below. The highlighted icon along the top sorts the submissions by best overall rating to worst overall rating.

Unsorted ratings for online submissions in list view.

Below is what you would get just by clicking that sort from best to worst icon! As you will see in the next section, this sorting feature makes bulk actions even more efficient for administrators as it is very easy to push the best submissions and stop the worst ones.

An image of the online submission ratings ranked from best to worst.

 Bulk Actions

As an administrator, you have the ability to perform bulk actions. In previous versions you had to push, stop, or reopen applications one at a time. While this is fine for lower volume submission processes, we knew it wasn’t ideal for higher volumes. Now, you can perform an action on any number of submissions at once!

When you have selected all of the submissions that you would like to do a bulk action on, select the bulk action you’d like to make. You can push the selected items to a stage, stop them, or reopen them for further review. Let’s select all of the submissions that have a final rating of green and ‘Group Push’ them to Stage 2. Once you select the first submission by clicking the box next to the submission title, the ‘Action’ drop down menu appears above the listing of your submissions.

Note that you can now push a group of submissions forward or backward by more than one review stage at a time. Any submission can be pushed to any stage at any time by administrators!

Also note that bulk actions can also be carried out when in ‘Tile View’. Just select the check box in the upper left corner of each submission you want to select, and then choose the appropriate bulk action from the ‘Action’ drop down menu.

An image showing that you can now check a number of submissions and do a bulk action to all of them. Here, we push all of the green rated submissions to stage 2.

Below you can see that all of the submissions with a final rating of green have been pushed to Stage 2 with one click of a button. Now, we’re still in Stage 1 with the yellow and red submissions requiring action.

This image shows that the pushed submissions are now in stage 2. However, the remaining submissions in stage 1 can still be acted on.

Let’s stop all of the yellow and red submissions in Stage 1 so that we’re only left with the greens in Stage 2. Since we want to do the same action to all of these submissions, just click the check box that is above the list of submissions to select them all. Then, from the ‘Action’ drop down menu, select ‘Stop’.

This image shows how the check box above the list of submissions can be checked to select all of the online submissions in a stage. We then selected 'stop' from the 'Action' menu.

Once you click ‘Stop’, the ‘Stopped’ menu item appears in the left side bar. Click on ‘Stopped’ and you will get the screen below. From here, you can see your stopped items and the stage they were stopped. If you are an administrator, you can also permanently delete a stopped submission by clicking the garbage can icon. This is especially handy when you receive submissions that are incomplete or submitted accidentally.

This image shows the new stopped menu. It sorts all submissions by the stage they were stopped in. Administrators can permanently delete submissions by clicking the garbage icon.


Previously in, a submission that had been rated would flow down to the bottom of the submissions page for ranking. With this update, we made it easier for you to switch between ranking and reviewing. To go from rating submissions to ranking them, just click the highlighted icon along the top. Let’s do that. Below, the submissions are ready to be ranked.

Shows the ranking screen is now separate from the rating screen. Also, users can change the rank of a submission just by typing a number into the text box to the left of the submission title.

Another thing that has changed is the way you rank your submissions. Previously, you only had the choice between dragging and dropping or clicking up and down arrows to rank your submissions. You can still do those things, but you can also enter a number in the text box next to a submission and the submission will take that as its rank and move to the appropriate place. This is another effort to make it easier to deal with larger volumes of submission.

The star icon highlighted in orange is only visible to administrators. When clicked, it takes you to a view that allows you to see the aggregate ratings, rankings, and comments of your review team. See this in the second image below.

Image showing the submissions ranked.

A star icon along the top allows administrators to see aggregate review ratings, comments, and overall ratings.


We know that your review process can be hectic and so it is critical to have a dashboard to give you a high level overview of your process at any time. We’ve added a couple of new dashboard widgets to make the dashboard that much more robust. Below is an image of your dashboard (minus the funnel).

The widget at the top gives you a high level overview of your review process. The numbers show the total number of submissions and the aggregate total of reviewer comments and ratings. The graph shows you the total number of submissions, as well as the number of active and stopped submissions in each stage. It’s a great way to get oriented and to gauge aggregate reviewer engagement at a glance.

The widget in the bottom left orders all reviewers by how active they have been in terms of rating. The horizontal bars give you an idea of whether a particular reviewer tends to be a more positive or negative in their ratings. These tendencies towards positive or negative ratings may help an administrator when a difficult decision needs to be made.

Finally, the widget in the bottom right breaks down total ratings by green, yellow, and red ratings.

The funnel is back as part of the dashboard, but the clicking functionality has been removed for the time being. It still does a great job of showing the flow of submissions throughout your review process.

The new dashboard includes new widgets that help administrators and reviewers stay on top of the online submission review process.



This update is one of our biggest yet, so let’s sum it up for you!

  • New list view in addition to tile view to accommodate greater submission volume.
  • Sorting submissions by rating.
  • Group actions including pushing, stopping, and reopening a group of selected submissions.
  • A new stopped submissions page along with the ability to delete submissions permanently.
  • A new ranking view to make switching from ranking to rating easier.
  • Ability to rank submissions by typing in a number next to a submission.
  • Aggregate rating, comment, and ranking view for administrators.
  • New dashboard widgets that give you further insight to your review process and team, all at a glance.

Should you have any questions or comments with regards to these changes, do not hesitate to contact us! We do this for you, so we most definitely appreciate your feedback.